FAQ (English)

What is is a private non-profit free forward service aimed for Norwegian users. It is maintaned on a hobby basis. It allows users to create a subdomain under that forwards to another existing site on the internet. does not host any sites or files for these sub domains.

How do I report a site containing copyrighted or illegal material, or how can I contact you?

Please contact the owner of the actual site, and not does not host any sites or files, and even if I remove or block the forward, the same content will still be available on the internet on the site that the address was pointing to. However, if you absolutely want me to remove the forwarding address under, you may contact me. Please do understand that contacting me will not affect the site that actually contains the contents, and that site will still be fully available on the internet. Only the forwarding address itself may be removed by me.

How do I get in contact with the actual site owner of a forward address?

If you only see the address in the location bar, you can use the "View source" function in your browser to view which URL the site is pointing to. When you have the original address, you can either do a whois lookup on that domain on, or try to locate some contact information on the website itself, or visiting the root of that website (by removing everything after the first single forward slash in the address).

I have received a message on that contains a address that spreads trojans/viruses. What can I do?

If the address takes you to, I am already aware of that address. If it takes you to a trojan, I would be greatful if you would contact me and tell me all about it.

How do I contact you?

Please read all the information on this page before contacting me. If you are contacting me, please include all relevant information. Please do understand that I normally can not help you with anything, including creating, modifying, blocking or erasing forward addresses (unless it is a scam or virus/trojan site), nor give out any information about registred forward addresses. You can contact me on the Facebook page. You may also contact me at the low priority e-mail address forward_en at-sign cow dot no. Since this is a non profit hobby, and I am usually busy doing other things, please allow some time for a response.

Disclaimer and everyone who is involved with takes no responsibility whatsoever for anything. You and the users of is completely liable for anything that may occur by using this service, in any situation. All users must agree to comply with all international, Norwegian and local laws, and any other laws that may apply. If any users should ever choose not to do so, they are liable for any lawfully claim that may arise. Everyone must agree to comply to these rules at any time.

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